Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Andy - Bonnie- Bridals

Ok... So here is the deal. We are in much much need of posting the 5 sessions that we've had since our last post! It's crazy, and fun, and obviously it's been so so busy in our lives too that we haven't had the time to keep up with everything!! So with this first post these were Bridals we did a few weeks ago at some cool train tracks and at the beautiful Salt Lake temple.
These two are SO fun!!! Always. And also so willing to do just about anything too. These pictures turned out so amazing. You can see the fun they have together and the love they share in everything they do. We couldn't have spent a better afternoon than with these two.
We have done two Missionary sessions, a Senior session, and also Andy & Bonnie's wedding! So keep an eye out for those too. They'll be on here ASAP!

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